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Let's Dock Your Boat!

Set Fenders/Buoys


Use Grips to hang fenders/buoys off your boat cleats, rails, targa tops, poles, etc. Attach fender line to your fender/buoy. Place grip in one hand while depressing grip button, put rope end through cleat, run rope through grip for desired length. Secure rope end through safety loop. Adjust accordingly.

Targa Top, Pole, Rail Tie, and Cocktail Cruising​

​Our Grips can be used to set fenders/buoys in another way as well, and are great for pontoons or taller boats with Targa tops. You don't have to use cleats if you have any rail type system on your boat. For example, let's say you want to tie off on other boats while having fun in the sun anchored with friends at your favorite party spot, you can use what we call the reverse tie...

Insert free end through safety loop. Bring rope-free end over railing, completely depress Grip button, and run rope through back end of Grip, release Grip button. Place fender outside boat, completely depress Grip button while holding fender end of rope to adjust height of fender.

Precise docking, boat to boat with ease! Quick to dock, quick to release! No knots needed!

Dock your Boat​

Once fenders are in place you are ready to dock your boat. Attach mooring line in two ways. Use Grip inside boat attached to rope with boat cleat and loop outside to loop dock cleat. Or loop rope on boat cleat to use Grip on dock cleat. 

1. Using Grips, attach mooring line to boat cleat then exit boat with mooring lines.

2. Run mooring lines through cleat on boat or dock. Completely depress Grip button, insert rope through center of Grip and release Grip button. 

3. Completely depress Grip button and move Grip closer to cleat while holding free end of rope until boat is in desired position. Secure first moored line if tension is needed to secure second line. Boat is now docked and must be secured with locking loop.

Always Secure your Fenders and Boat with Safety Loop End

Our patented Boat Dock Grips are designed to use the Grip button in conjunction with the safety loop at the end of the handle. The Grip button and handle have specifically designed nylon teeth to hold our rope in place for precise setting of mooring and fender/buoy lines.

Note: Do not use Grips when attached to rope to pull a boat forward through cleat, the Grips will slightly slip. While used for docking you must pull the docking rope with one hand, depress Grip button with the other and slide Grip towards the boat or dock cleat. They are designed to temporarily hold the rope for precise docking with mooring lines and fender/buoy line placement. This design protects damage to docking ropes. Once mooring and fender lines are set, use our looped end safety tie to lock rope into place. Use the photos below to see how to use our suggested locking loop for proper docking.

Great for Jet Skis and Pontoons!