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Always use the safety loop in conjunction with the Grip button for proper use as described in the Package Insert for ALL uses. The Grips will not allow anyone to pull docking rope solely with grips locked onto rope while docking. Operators will be required to pull rope by hand as well. Always secure the Boat Dock Grips with safety loop tie after watercraft is secure to docking locations. When using Grips for docking purposes, always leave slack in docking line. This will help in releasing grips for boat deployment. BD Group. Inc is not responsible for any damages to any watercraft, or personal injuries to persons while using our product. Use at your own risk. It is the responsibility of the boat operator to secure his or her boat to any docking device. It is the responsibility of the watercraft operator to evaluate all docking locations, lifts, cleats, rails, etc. before using Boat Dock Grips. Our product is designed to assist in docking marine type watercraft. Our mooring lines are not recommended for boats over 27 foot in length, with the exception on pontoon type boats. However, our fender/buoy lines can be used for most types of boats. Please read all instructions before using this product and use responsibility. For review of product demonstrations or further assistance, please visit our other pages such as the Home or Grip Usage pages. Captain Carlos will be glad to assist you! All correspondence can be sent to BoatDockGrip@gmail.com

Please Dock Responsibly