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Boat Dock Grips in Use on the Water

Get a Grip on Docking Your Boat!

Boat Dock Grips are uniquely designed to help ease the process of docking your boat quickly and efficiently, without tying difficult knots. We're providing a better way to secure your valuable marine investments from possible damage against docks. Anyone can use them, from the Captain to the boat mates! Our grips can be used for docking all types of watercraft (pleasure boats, fishing boats, pontoons, jet skis, kayaks, etc.) for precise fender/buoy placements in changing water levels. Precision docking means you can use your Boat Dock Grips with our specially designed rope lengths and loops with ease and proficiency.

Captain Carlos' Corner

Watch our Patented Docking Device in Use!

Boat Dock Grips and Rope

Boat Dock Grips are designed using 100% Nylon for strength and UV protection. They do not float, so always keep grips inside the boat and connected to mooring lines and fenders when not in use. Our internal spring and screws are marine grade stainless steel. It is recommended that ⅜”" double-braided rope be used with our grips. Boat Dock Grip rope is pre-spliced ⅜”" doubled-braided nylon rope. Our unique green colors provide a clear visual when searching storage compartments for docking preparations. We use double-braided nylon rope verse polypropylene rope for quality and value.
Mooring lines are 9ft 2in.
Fender lines are 4ft 7in.

Happy Boating from Boat Dock Group!

Boat Dock Grips are Made in the USA. We support local businesses here in Texas. Our owners are boaters too! They have spent many hours on the lakes of Texas and in Galveston Bay. They have seen boaters struggle to secure their boats at waterside restaurants, boat ramps, marine gas and bait stores, and of course, docks. We've actually observed boaters fall in the water while trying to dock boats. With our product anyone from experienced to novice boaters can help secure a boat.